shave ice machine

Refrigeration systems for small capacity ice machines

At the beginning of the process, the water solenoid valve will open to fill water in the water reservoir in the Evaporator.

After the water is filled, the solenoid will valve close. The refrigeration system works to cool the water in the reservoir
Refrigeration systems for small capacity ice machines
Ice machine

The water around the Evaporator will then freeze and become thicker and thicker. For Ice Makers like the picture above, the thickness of the ice is only set by a timer.


So if you want thicker ice, the time for the cooling process is extended.

After the cooling or ice freezing time has been reached, the compressor continues to work and the hot gas bypass solenoid valve will open, so that what had been hot gas from the compressor into the condenser to be discharged into the air with the help of a fan, then this hot gas is passed directly to the evaporator and throwing heat around the evaporator.

As a result the evaporator temperature will rise above the freezing point of water. If the temperature of the evaporator has passed the freezing point of water, the ice that forms around the evaporator will be released and fall into the icetenk.

Heat pump refrigeration system

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