Seven unique benefits of microprocessor


Seven unique benefits of microprocessor controllers

Power saving

The microprocessor controllers switches off the condenser fan when the compressor cuts off, thereby saving more valuable power.

Fault diagnostics

The microprocessor controllers display trip conditions enabling quicker identify of the fault and faster remedial action. This results in lower downtime of the packaged unit.

Operation friendly 

Packaged air conditioner can be started and stopped with a single button and the microprocessor does the rest, thus making them very user friendly operational.

Precise control

The packaged unit electronic temperature sensor ensures precise control on temperature, as compared to a conventional thermostat switch.

Auto re start

Unlike conventional units, packaged unit have a unique power down memory, which ensures automatic restart of the packaged unit as soon as power is restored. This saves the effort of re starting the packaged unit.

•Anti recycle timer

The microprocessor controllers start the compressor after a set delay, thereby enhancing of packaged unit life. Frequent starts or stop in the conventional units decrease the life of the compressor and the electrical switchgear.

Programmable operation

An optional feature is the real time clock which enables programmable operation for one year including holidays. This avoids the need of an operator.

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