Packaged ac routine maintenance

Routine maintenance of packaged A/c

Although packaged air conditioner will require minimum attention it is recommended and important to do maintenance REGULARLY. Routine maintenance is part of general checkup.

It helps in trouble free operation of the air conditioner units. Follow the given schedule as routine maintenance. Carry out maintenance with units stopped. It is recommended that skilled personnel carry out all maintenance including daily and
weekly maintenance.


A. Inspect unit , cooling tower, water cooled ac so pump check for plumbing leak, clogged drains etc. Fix and clean them.

B. Check main electric supply on the unit. And air conditioner ampiar.


A. Remove filters from units. Take out of the plant room. Deduct and wash with water. Dry filters and refitting air filter.

B. Inspect cooling tower sump and strainer for water cooled units. Clean if necessary.

This may have to be done daily filters get choked faster. In such cases, the filters should be cleaned in the evening after units are stopped for the day, so that the filters are dry and refitting than starting air conditioner next morning.

In place where filter chokes fast it is recommended to keep an additional set of filter for replace of emergency filters.


A. air cooled Condenser clean with a blower and a non metallic brush and Do not clean with a spray of water, as outdoor dust would quickly clog the fins of the condensers upon restarting the fan. Clean air cooled Condenser with approved chemical once in six months or so depending upon surrounding atmosphere or dusting area.

B. Check compressor mounts for any undue vibrations or check nut bolt or cracks. Replace mounts if require.

Most common problem in ac

C. Check operating pressure of the compressor. Like suction pressure or discharge pressure Investigate deviations from operating pressure.

D. Open fan sections body cover, check belts for wear and tear. Replace if require, check bearings as and alignment of belt and pulley driver. Refit fan section body cover.

E. Inspect starter contacts for chatter marks, check operating of overload, HP/LP cut outs, and single phase preventers.

F. Check if there are any rust spots on steel panels and ac body cover, bottom and intermediate (drain) trays or drain pipe, emery such spots, patch up with red oxide and paints to long life.

Half yearly

A. Clean air cooled Condenser or evaporators coil with approved chemicals.

B. Descale water cooled Condenser with approved chemicals.


A. Carry out leak test refrigerant systems.

B. Carry out electrical meggar test and check all wiring , check current of all motors and R/I value.

C. Clean unit and if require repaint unit Condenser water pipes with valves and necessary.

D. Carry out chemical cleaning of evaporator coil and descale water cooled condenser where necessary.

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