What is package ac?

Package air conditioning?

The package air conditioning systems are used for where the cooling loads require more then 5 tons or above. The package air conditioning system are available in fixed factory rated  capacities of 5.5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons, and 17 tons and above.
The package air conditioning unit are mostly used in restaurants, home, small halls and offices, cinema hall or etc.

Way its name package air conditioning?
As par the name package air conditioning is implies in the package air conditioning all the important components of the air conditioners are enclosed in a compressor, cooling coil, air handling unit and the air filter all components in a single casing and assembled at the factory made. Mostly packed air conditioning system used tow type of ac system. Depends on condenser.
Two type of packaged air conditioning system are used

Air cooled condenser and water cooled condenser

System is depending on the type of the cooling system used in these systems, the packaged air conditioning are divided into tow type. Ones with water cooled condenser and ones with air cooled condensers.
As par HVAC engineer and my experience for maintenance view Voltas and career package air conditioning is best of other brands package air conditioning.

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