What is AHU, types of air handling units

What is AHU?

The definition of the AHU( AIR HANDLING UNIT) Makes assembling with the factory, which has a fan and other necessary requirements equipment that is done to perform one or more function of air circulation, air cleaning, air heating, air cooling humidity and dehumidifying. Air handling unit used to control the following parameters of air in space like temperature, humidity, air movement and cleaning of air.


Draw through

Blow through

In the draw through type, the fan pulls air through the mix box, filter and cooling coil before moving from fan outlet to conditional or tube. The design can be vertical or horizontal. In this case, there is negative air pressure in the first section of the blower or fan. Blow through the type the fan flies through the spicy box, the filter and the cooling coil, before the air empowered or transfer to the duct network in this case, after. The fan section is positive air pressure. An air handling unit where
Supply is air,
Fan section,
Vibration absorber,
Cooling coil,

It’s the components of the air handling unit components that can be contained in the unit.

Housing ( BODY)

Accommodation in all other components of air handling unit is usually made of metal, some are painted to prevent for corrosion. Segment are located in fans and cooling coils, insulating them to insulators to prevent condensation on the panel. In the case of water density, drain line is also used as a cautiously.


Centrifugal fan is used to spread the air in different areas in the halls or building. Common type of available fans. Backward curved, forward curved. Selection of the fan will depend on the amount of air velocity and the air constant pressure required for the system. To reduce the effect of vibrations on the body or panel, motor and fan are usually installed on the vibrations isolator, except that when the assembly is out side the fan body cover. The use of variable air atmosphere system is becoming  more popular because the amount of air discharge may vary depending on load if the load is very high. Then the fan speed of the fan will be high and if the load is low. Fan speed will be reduced. Fan speed is variable using frequency inverter instead of traditional motor like PSC motor. This technique has enable better use of energy and is in collaboration with the move to go green energy.

Air filter

The filter are used for removing of particles and pollution from different size of air filter. The type of air filters used will depend on the application of the system. Humidifiers Used during the winter, the humidity level of the air may be low. Casing residents to have inconvenience. Using humidifiers has increased the humidity if the air is commonly used here.

Cooling coil

The cooling coil is used to cool the air and dehumidifying. Depending on the system both are available for direct extension cooling and cooling water coils. These coils are arranged in roe with different wings. Aluminum coil fins and cooper coil fins And Copper tube used in the design of cooling coils. Corrosion resistance wing is also used. For its low cost and reduced resistance to air velocity.

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