Way require vacuum in refrigeration system


Air conditioner vacuum pumps are used to remove air  from the system when the uncontrolled air and water vapor are inside od refrigeration system.

Once the  refrigerant recovery process is complete, then you can proceed with the necessary troubleshooting and repair work. The next step is to check and make sure that the system is leakage proof.  there are other steps needed to improve this.

The evacuation process

The next step in using the vacuum pump to remove air and moisture from the refrigeration system. Vacuum done than charging process can be carried out before the system is fully tested.

Evacuation Requirements

In refrigeration system, only refrigerant and oil should inside the refrigeration system. After years of servicing or during operation or maintenance work air inside systems can be entered. The atmospheric air entering the system includes oxygen, nitrogen and humidity. These unwanted components will cause.

High pressure in the head is caused by high rise, high discharge temperature and high compression ratio. The system's efficiency decreases. Acids are produced in refrigeration system, which cause electroplating and motor insulation damage due to the chemical reaction. Once the compressor motor breaks down the insulation, there is a short circuit that damages the compressor motor. Compressor system costs the most. Acids also cause metal parts to become corrosive.  Disgust is made by the combination of oil, acid and moisture in the system. It will periodically perform improperly on the filter dry, strainer and expansion valve.

Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump Operation

To remove all moisture and other particles of the system, the position of nearby vacuum should be obtained, in which the pressure in the system is forced to go below atmospheric pressure. The absolute value of atmospheric pressure at sea level is 29.92 inches HG or 14.696 psi or 759.999 mm Hg or 759,999 microns are given.

In typical system, vacuum pump is required to create vacuum status of 300 to 500 microns. An electronic vacuum gauge is required to measure the vacuum level in the system. Check the vacuum pump specifications and make sure they are able to obtain the vacuum state required by the equipment manufacturers.

2-stage vacuum pump

Rotary compressors are used in pumps and there are better 2 stage rotary vacuum pumps capable of making lower vacuum. However, they are more expensive but their capacities to effectively remove moisture are one of the main reasons.

As the system enters a low vacuum mode, moisture will start boiling and be able to easily remove the vapor from the refrigeration system.

Need to use proper oil while operating air conditioning vacuum pump. Use recommended oils to pump the pump to a specific vacuum position.

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