types of air filters for hvac

What is air filter? Types of air filter?

types of air filters for hvac

An air filter is an integral part of the heating and cooling system.

It cleans small particles in the air and maintain indoors air quality. Because its spreads through the system and prevents them from going back to the home of any building.

These particles can cause allergic reactions respiratory problems, and other health problems.

Refrigerating and AIR CONDITIONER engineers are encouraging adoption of air filter with minimum efficiency of indoor air quality.

Measures the ability of the filter to  remove small and large both particles.
Various types of air filters

Some types of air filters available meet the necessary standard and are common in both residential and commercial systems.


High efficiency particle air ( HEPA) filters are made of fiber glass, but fiber is made to be far more effective then fiber glass panel filters.

A HEPA filter removes 99.7% of all particles from the air passing through HEPA filter. These filers are especially helpful in allergy or asthma related homes.

Mostly use in hospital and doctor rooms, operation theater.

Washable air

Washable air filter are more cost effective then other panels or pleated filters, because they do not need to replace, only regular cleaning.

Washing the filter with water in the cleaning involves dying it before washing and back in the system.

Small HVAC systems often use Washable air filter, but larger systems can also use this types of air filter.

Fiberglass panel 

Fiber glass filter coollapse layers of interwoven glass strands supported by metal frames.

Fiberglass filter are the most common panels or square filters and are discarded after approximately one year or use.


These types of air filters are used to ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses in the air.

The heating and cooling system, many types of air filters provide choice of home and business owners in terms of filtering capability, maintenance and its cost.

Choosing the right filter can save money and the results may be in better health. You can get UV lights filters installed within your HVAC system.

Have one installed over the coil, where mold and other unwanted particles grow. Install another near the air handler to purify the air before it moves through out your home.

You don’t have to choose just one air cleaning technology to improve your homes indoor air quality.

Electrostatic air filters

Like ozone generators, electrostatic filters charge the particles that are in the air after the particles with electrostatic charge and trap it.

They have this charge naturally and do not require electricity to keep it. Electrostatic filters panel provide better filtration than filters and do not need to be replaced, they are cleaned regularly only.