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How to work Cooling tower
cooling tower services

In medium and large capacity refrigeration systems, water is usually used as a condenser cooling medium. This is because water has the ability to move heat better than air, so that by using water as a cooler the size of a condenser with the same capacity can be smaller compared to air-cooled ones.

The water cooled condenser is classified into 2 parts according to how it works,

1. Waste Water System 

Cold water enters the condenser and then exits and is immediately discharged.
This method is allowed for systems with small capacity or if there are many sources of water. The thing that must be considered is the applicable provisions in which this system works.

2. Circulation water system(recirculation)

In this system the water that comes out of the Condenser is cooled back in the Cooling Tower and then circulated back to the Condenser.

How it Works Cooling Tower

After going through the condenser, the temperature of the water will rise because it absorbs heat from the refrigerant in the condenser. This hot water then enters through the hot water inlet port on the cooling tower and then rises to the top of the cooling tower. Water then exits through holes in the sprinkler. The sprinkler will while releasing water and distribute it evenly at the top of the cooling tower.

The water that comes out of the sprinkler then enters the water column and is in contact with the flow of air in the opposite direction hot water descends to the bottom of the cooling tower, while the air enters from the bottom to continue to exit from the top. At this intersection between water and air, some heat will be released from the water with higher temperature to the air with lower temperature.

 As a result the water temperature will drop. The temperature of the cold water is then collected at the bottom of the cooling tower tank and then circulated again to the condenser so that it can absorb more heat.

At the intersection between water and air, a certain amount of water will be discharged into the air, so that the volume of water will be reduced, and to overcome this, make up water that is connected to the domestic waterway equipped with a buoy will keep the water level at the container isn't reduced.
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